Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Jupiter into Leo and first things

Winter cloud, Commonwealth Ave, Canberra

Today was what my mother would call a "red letter day". I got my finances sorted for the next 12 months.

It was one of those "make a phone call to the bank for one reason and end up getting the most helpful person in bank world who offered two suggestions for me and then sorted all the detail".  She was so great I asked to speak to her boss and I told him how fantastic she was/is. Which bank? Yep, that one.

This evening Clancy and I went to Parliament House to hear the first speech of Senator Matthew Canavan. Matt and I have one thing in common: we both worked for Barnaby Joyce. Only one of us is now a Senator.

He gave a great speech. Clancy and I sat with MPs Luke Hartsuyker and Ken O'Dowd and it was really nice to see them. I miss all my Nats. I love Parliament House and all that happens there, all sides.

Jupiter moves into Leo tonight and that means everything changes. Magic, money, mayhem, men, moves, masterful surprises.

I'm having the week off. It's good to have time to process some personal business.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Wherefore art thou Romeo?

There are many ways to mark the end of a relationship. After the heartache and the drama of actually separating it is time to get on with separate lives.

For me this has meant remaining friends with A.T. but building a new life for myself. Our children  spend most of their time with me (for the practicality that my place is more convenient to their schools).

When I bought this place 18+ months ago I furnished it with old and new and after a few different furniture layouts we are comfortable and happy. What I wanted was something special, just for me.

And so I bought some beautiful hand-dyed velvet from my friend Lisa Walton who runs an incredible business called Dyed & Gone To Heaven which she started from scratch, initially selling hand-dyed cotton fabric. In more recent years (and in the drama of the past few I cannot remember precisely when) Lisa turned her very talented hands to dyeing velvet. I bought two "fat quarters" from her and used to stroke them and dream about what I would use them for.

I cannot remember when or why I realised she had many other colours for sale but I contacted her and asked her to send me 10 more blocks as I wanted to make a quilt.

So the fabric arrived and some time last year (I think) I cut the fat quarters into quarters and planned my quilt for my Juliet bed.

I rarely use a pattern because I love using blocks of fabric and colour to create a quilt and this was no exception.

Years ago I made a velvet dress to wear to the wedding of my dear friends Karin and Eamonn. I still have the dress - although I need to lose a few more kilos if I want to wear it - but I hadn't counted on the difficulty of sewing velvet together when I planned the quilt.

I hope all my beautiful quilting friends forgive me for not having too many straight lines in this work of art. I would be sewing it for the next 20 years if I was going to get every single corner to line up with another. Instead, the  finished result is now on my bed.

It is a symbol of the love I have for my family, my hope for happiness in our futures and the dream that some day Romeo may appear for more than a fleeting second.

Not that I'm looking in any serious or sensible way. I'm very content with my new life. I love the brain space I have for my artistic pursuits, I love my children, my friends and my ex. AT and I have known each other for 30 years and we will always be in each other's lives.

Last year I had the good fortune to meet a wonderful soul who helped guide me to get my new life in better shape than it was. He saw in me something I hadn't seen for a long time: confidence, strength of mind and a positive attitude. His friendship is a gift and I will always love him although our paths are not parallel at present.

I want to say thank you to all my beautiful friends, those I have known for years and those I've made in more recent times.

My Libran soul sometimes gives too much to others but with this beautiful quilt I have a "security blankie" just for me. Although I expect the cat will think I made it for her.

My grandmother used to talk of her ancestors who arrived in Australia on the First and Third Fleets. They were not convicts, but "seamstresses to the Governor's wife". Hahaha.

No wonder I love to sew and have a naughty side.