Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Send, oops

I am so careful about emails. I always write the email with no one in the address and then when I have reviewed it and edited it, I add the addressee and press send.

And today I wrote to my life coach about a friend and a set of circumstances (that are good and interesting) and pressed send and thought nothing of it.

A couple of hours later I was a bit surprised not to have received a reply from my intended recipient and as I looked for another sent email I realised I'd sent it to the person I was writing about. Hahahahahaha.

My heart skipped a couple of beats and then I called him to say what had happened. I was not surprised a few hours later to read an email that he had deleted it without looking at it.

Now that my friends, is a true friend.

It was actually a really nice email and I wouldn't have minded if he had read it, but probably best that my outpourings to the life coach stay between me and her.

Monday, March 17, 2014

St Patrick's Day

One of the great joys of my life is my work. As a journalist I had so many opportunities and met so many people that an everyday existence would never have allowed. Some of the people closest to me are those I have met through work and I love all of them.

After journalism I worked in politics and that was like a condensed version of everything from over-achievement to madness, all with good intentions.

Now I have a lovely job where I get time to think and interact with interesting, dedicated and complex people.

Today, we joined our work neighbours for a morning tea to celebrate St Patrick's Day. Our work neighbours are Catholic Health Australia so they take their Saints days quite seriously. As do we because we get to share in fabulous food and company...no seriously, we take them seriously for the right reasons.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Paint, crochet, think, paint

I've been in a painting frenzy lately. A painting a day. It's the only way to get good at it. My beautiful art teacher Margaret says I would do exceptionally well if I went to art school. I would love to do that. All I need is a steady income stream to allow me to go and study.

If I put my mind to something I usually get it.

Here's some of my creations from this week. The flower paintings are acrylics on canvas and I'm doing one a day for practice, the hexagons are for a rather large rug...I have to make 196. Each takes about 20 minutes.

Third picture is my painting from art class. I've finally learned how to use the watercolour pencils and this is Valley of the Winds at Kata Tjuta. I went there years ago. I must return now that I can paint.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Aunty Shirley

My beautiful Aunty Shirley died tonight. I have loved that woman for as long as I can remember. She is one of those strong, honest souls who stands like a rock in the lives of her family.

Her death is not unexpected, but that doesn't make it easy.

It's always sad when someone leaves this mortal  coil. At least with my studies of astrology and lessons from my psychic I have a greater depth of understanding about how to react to these life and death events, which happen all the time. Some people use religion to get through. That's fine if that is what you believe.

I believe that no one is dead as long as the living speak their name.

RIP Shirley.